Friday, August 30

Feeding the Roots

August 20, 2013

Dear Founder's Circle Investors,

For fifteen years the view from my study centered on an elm tree, not old growth, but a tree of at least a century. I woke up this morning remembering the deep feeding process we invested in to keep the tree alive and healthy, especially during years of drought. An elm which had survived the blight which claimed so many, if not most, varieties of elms seemed very much worth our investment of money and attention.

You see where I’m going with this, of course. Those of you who have invested in the Founder’s Circle have been feeding the root system of Women Writing for (a) Change at a time of particular drought in our short history of twenty-one years, and I am so grateful for your companionship in keeping our variety, a depth variety to be sure, alive and healthy. The root system, the visionary DNA of WWf(a)C is not short term, but evolutionary: to integrate the full expression of the conscious feminine into the culture.

The most obvious way this happens is in our content: hundreds of thousands of stories from the pens and voices of women and girls which have arisen in our community, only to overflow our containers and deep-feed the larger world. Less obvious, and equally important is the how of WWf(a)C: the rituals and practices of community which make more possible the elusive values of inclusion, peace, and justice.

Of my many shortcomings as a leader, as the founder, one is that this is how I think and how I talk. I am not able to reduce the honest complexity of all this to an easily- understood brand. My successors in this work remark on how challenging it is to translate our value to the small spaces of grant applications and elevator speeches. And, trust me, we all try. Ours is not an elitist or wanting-to-be “special” organization. As I have said and written in recent years, we live on the edge of people’s understanding and on the edge of millennia of misunderstanding what lies at the root of all the damage we have done to one another and to the planet: the denigration of the feminine.

Founder’s Circle members, thank you from a humbly grateful heart for your understanding and for your companionship. Other friends, we invite your help in the Founder’s Circle, feeding the root system at a deep level. When I started WWf(a)C in 1991, I didn’t want to create an institution, I wanted to create a living and loving organism dedicated to the full expression of the feminine.



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