Sunday, June 29

New Neighbor Love Poem for College Hill

                                                            June 2014
It’s not my way to love a place
by pretending it’s better than any other place,
and, to be my kind of neighbor here
I will try (I could use your help)
to not go to war with
with what (or whom)
I can’t yet bring myself to love .

(war on anything,
makes more war)

It is only left for me to do love here,
(a tall order---will you help me?)
love LaBoiteaux woodland, feeding us green
love the Farmer’s Market, feeding us more green
love the chain stores, love the churches
love the blind curves, the congestion,
(I can’t love litter, but I can pick it up
will you help me?)

Doing love is looking
I mean at everything—
(another tall order—I could use your help)
Look close-up, look standing back,
I promise to look at you,
even if I’m afraid of you
(as you may well be of me).

Doing love is thanking everyone who lived
here before me, is believing
they were trying to do love here in
their way, in their time, (another
tall order: I find it so much easier to judge)

Love is remembering
(oh, Lord help me!)
that I am not the center of this or
any place.

(Will you help me?)

                                    Mary Pierce Brosmer


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