You indeed provide a unique professional development service that no others can.
~ Barbara J. Christensen, Director of Education, The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education

Sample Workshop and Keynote Topics

1. Living Systems Leadership in a Time of Planetary Crisis

In this lecture, Mary explores Living Systems Leadership, and how its practices and values can transform re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic leadership, to life-giving and life-sustaining leadership for corporate teams, churches, schools and nonprofits leaders and managers.

Affiliated Workshop: creates a setting for attendees to participate in some of the practices, and imagine ways to integrate them into their workplaces.
2. In the Recovery Room

In this lecture, Mary explores the various meanings of recovery as it relates to healing our addiction to speed, measurement, technology, while recovering the values always lost in an addictive, unconscious process: health, wholeness & wisdom.

Affiliated Workshop: Honoring our Lives as Healers: A Day Retreat for Healing Arts Professionals: involves participants in tool for sharing the authentic stories of their lives as healers in a safe container, as well as tools for translating the information carried in these stories into best practices for reforming health care delivery.
3. So You Want (or headquarters wants you to want) a Cultural Transformation?

In this talk, Mary discusses the difference between transforming and re-engineering. An authentically transformative process creates a culture in which change is organic, normative, and non-reactive.

Affiliated Workshops/ Training: participants learn tools for seeing the patterns of organizational life, and connecting, or re-connecting the organization to what vitalizes it, while disconnecting it from patterns which are eroding its vitality and innovative energy.

Writing Workshops

1. The Art of Personal Writing

How does personal writing take on the charge of art? This workshop will provide time, models, and an audience for the creation of personal narratives. We'll write, read to one another, polish and revise toward the creation of a piece of powerful personal writing

2. Writing for Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Coaches: What is Yours To Tell?
Jumpstart that book you've been wanting to write!

3. Deep Diversity: Writing in Community as a Practice of Healing the Social Fabric

Based on the belief that it's difficult to hate a person whose stories you've heard, this work is about creating spaces where people can speak, write and hear the complicated truths of one another's lives.  Created as an alternative to diversity "training" in sterile rooms where earnest people get bludgeoned with the usual instruments of torture: panels of talking heads, or edgy experiments in unsafe containers.  This work involves participants in authentic and sustained engagement with one another's tangled personal and collective histories of oppressing and being oppressed without shaming or blaming, and with tools for traversing---together-- our complicated landscapes of injury and potential healing.

Workshops for Women and Girls

1. Working With not On Girls

In this workshop-retreat, participants will experience a model of writing in community thriving in the Cincinnati area since 1996 and supporting the lives of a diverse population of over 1,000 girls and young women ages 8-25.

YWWf(a)C is not just about writing for me. It's about people, confidence, and freedom of speech. I list these things because the way I look at them now is different than it was three years ago. I am changing, evolving, becoming something new, and Young Women Writing for (a) Change is helping me grow up to be a strong, confident woman, which is exactly what I want to be.
Correna Kuhl, age 13

Participants will create themselves as a community of practice for working n a sustainable way with girls, all of whom are at risk for losing the ability to speak and act authentically and wisely in what Mary Pipher (Reviving Ophelia) has called a "girl-hating culture."

2. What is Conscious Feminine Leadership and How Can We Practice It in a World With Such Ambivalence to the Expression of Female Power in Public Life?

In this lecture Mary explores themes and practices developed in the Feminist Leadership Academy of Cincinnati, which she founded in 2004, and which has provided new and sustained learning for women clergy, educators, lawyers, mothers, physicians and grassroots activists, businesswomen, entrpreneurs and more. Affiliated workshops also can be created.

3. Mothering and Daughtering/ Mentoring and Being Mentored

It is no secret that the flow of energy between generations of women is impeded by cultural patterns of competition, blame, and secrecy. How can we come together across generations to restore connection, to teach and mentor one another without re-enacting oppressive roles?

Workshop for women of all ages, whether in pairs of mothers/daughters aunts/nieces; grandmother/grandaughters nieces, bosses/employees mentors/mentees.

(Participants are welcome to attend without a cross-generational partner.)

"I am awakening from hibernation.
If not here, where?
If not now, when?
The gifts: friendship, courage, grace: a precious trinity." (workshop participant)

"Tenderness, brilliant thinking, willingness to be present, Mary's awareness in leadership.I am very grateful to have been born in this time of the great turning when you and I and all the earth are one in the middle of this great transformation." (leadership training participant.)


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